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OmniTurn G3 CNC: Control Doesn't Power Up

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Control Doesn't Power Up:

Fan is ON: If the fan is on, the Control On lamp may have blown and not been replaced, and the monitor might also be bad. Or the computer power supply may have failed. If the issue is a bad monitor, the control will boot up as normal, but there will be no display on the monitor.

To quickly determine if it’s just the monitor, set power on, then wait a minute for the computer to boot up, then press the "Caps Lock" key and see if the "Caps Lock" light goes on. If it does, replace the Control ON bulb Image of locking lever on switch
Rotate locking lever to access bulb.
and click here to troubleshoot the monitor.

If the "Caps Lock" light does not come on when you press the key, do the following to check the computer power supply:

If you do read between 11.5 and 12.5 volts DC: Fan is NOT ON: If the fan is not on, but the fuses check good, the Control On switch may be defective, or disconnected.

To verify that the Control On switch is properly connected, first set control power OFF, then check the following:

If TS1 and wires to switches look good, do this: For reference, front panel wiring schematic PDF is available here.

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