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OmniTurn G3 CNC: Won't Boot

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No display on screen and no yellow "Control ON" lamp:
If there is no display on screen and no yellow "Control ON" lamp, click here to troubleshoot power issues.

No display on screen:
If the screen looks ok at boot up, but goes blank after pressing "Y" or "N" at Backup Programs (CNC) screen, the issue may be bad motion card (MC2 card). Click here to troubleshoot MC2 issues.

On the oldest OmniTurns, if the screen displays the list of files being copied, and then goes blank before the Please turn servos on prompt, the motion card may be defective. Click here to troubleshoot MC2 issues.

Error message on screen:

To change BIOS boot sequence:
Turn the control on and immediately start tapping on the Del key. Keep tapping on it until the CMOS settings menu appears.
Use the Down arrow key to highlight BIOS (or ADVANCED, depending on your setup program) settings, then press Enter to go to the BIOS settings menu.
In the BIOS menu, use the down arrow to highlight the Boot Sequence item, which is probably currently set to "C,A,SCSI". Use the Pg Up(coolant) key to step through the available selections until you get to "A,C,SCSI" , then press Esc to get back to the main CMOS menu.
Press the F10 key to save the settings and exit.
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