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Replacing OmniTurn ZipLoader “RM” Rodless Cylinder

ZipLoaders shipped with two types of Rodless Cylinders: “RM” and “RTC”

RM rodless cylinder endcap

“RM” Rodless Cylinder

RM rodless cylinder endcap

“RTC” Rodless Cylinder

The Rexroth “RM” and newer “RTC” rodless cylinders used on the OmniTurn ZipLoader are designed to operate for many hundreds of thousands cycles.  We have customers who have run up to a million cycles before replacing the cylinder.  Because Rexroth discontinued the RM series rodless cylinder and replaced it with the RTC series, replacing the older RM rodless cylinder involves changing hardware and rewiring the four sensors on the cylinder.
Two versions of the RM‑equipped ZipLoader were shipped, as illustrated below.  The earliest version mounted the rodless cylinder on an aluminum plate; the later version used brackets that mounted directly to the frame extrusion.

RM rodless cylinder old-style


RM rodless cylinder new-style



After replacing the rodless cylinder, the shuttle assembly and rodless cylinder must be aligned with the ‘vee’. To properly align the shuttle assembly, it is best to use a plain ¼″ pushrod (p/n 790‑02‑017) which will lay flat in the vee.

Align chassis RTC rodless cylinder

Align shuttle RTC rodless cylinder
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