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Codes Honored by OmniTurn G4 CNC

Code Usage Description
G00 G00 Rapid move
G01 G01Fn Feed move
G02 G02XnZnRn Clockwise Arc
G03 G03XnZnRn Counter-clockwise Arc
G04 G04Fn Dwell
G10 G10XnZn Work Shift
G33 G33XnZnIn­KnAnCaPO Threading cycle
G40 G40 Cancels Tool Nose Radius Compensation
G41 G41 Left hand Tool Nose Radius Compensation
G42 G42 Right hand Tool Nose Radius Compensation
G70 G70 Inch mode
G71 G71 Metric mode
G72 G72 Diameter programming mode
G73 G73 Radius programming mode
G74 G74XnZn­InUnFn Box Roughing cycle
G75 G75InUnFnPn Box Contour Roughing cycle
G76 G76Sn Minimum spindle speed for constant surface feet
G77 G77Sn Maximum spindle speed for constant surface feet
G78 G78UnFnPn Rough Contour Cycle
G81 G81ZnFn Drill cycle
G83 G83ZnKn­FnRnLnCn Peck drill cycle
G90 G90 Absolute mode selection
G91 G91 Incremental mode selection
G92 G92XnZn Preset axis position
G94 G94Fn Inches per minute mode
G95 G95Fn Inches per revolution mode
G96 G96Sn Spindle speed set as surface feet
G97 G97 Spindle speed set as RPM
M00 M00 Program stop - does not cancel active ”M” functions
M0l M0l Optional stop
M02 M02 End program - does not cancel active”M” functions
M03 M03Sn Spindle on, forward (top coming)
M04 M04Sn Spindle on, reverse (top going)
M08 M08 Coolant on
M09 M09 Coolant off
M12 M12 Collet clamp
M13 M13 Collet unclamp
M19 M19 Spindle Positioning; lock at home (optional C-Axis only)
M25 M25 User assigned on (Note: Four additional codes available)
M26 M26 User assigned off (Note: Four additional codes available)
M30 M30 End of program - cancels all active ”M” functions
M31 M31 Cancels Cycle Repeat mode
M84 M84 Locks feedrate & spindle speed override pots at 100%
M85 M85 Re-enables override pots (M30, M02, T# also re-enables)
M87 M87 Real-time Work Shift from digital indicator
M88 M88 Spindle Positioning; lock at home; high res (opt: C-Axis only)
M89 M89 Spindle Positioning; lock at arbitrary home (opt: C-Axis only)
M91 M91 Wait for HDR111 to be open circuit
M92 M92 Wait for HDR111 to be shorted
M93 M93 Wait for HDR110 to be open circuit
M94 M94 Wait for HDR110 to be shorted
M95 M95 Jump to subroutine 1 if HDR112 is shorted
M97 M97InCnPn Jump to subroutine, conditional (optional: PLC option)
M98 M98Pn Jump to subroutine
M99 M99 End subroutine
CI CInnn.nn Incremental spindle angle (optional: C-Axis only)
CA CAnnn.nn Absolute spindle angle (optional: C--Axis only)
C XnZnCn Automatic chamfer at intersection
D Dn Secondary offsets, axis correction or TNR comp value
F Fn Feedrates, dwell
LS LSn Loop start
LF LF Loop finish
P P Start any move in sync with spindle
R XnZnRn Automatic radius at intersection
S Sn Spindle speed selection, SFM or RPM
T Tn Tool offset call command
/ / Block delete
} }n Begin subroutine

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