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Auxiliary Power Supply for Legacy CNC's

Increase collet-closer reliablility on older G3 CNC.

Auxiliary Power Supply for OmniTurn CNC

The Auxiliary Power Supply provides 13.5VDC for all circuitry previously powered by the computer power supply 12VDC output.

Peel tape off adhesive-backed feet and mount the power supply on the top chassis in front of the Connect Card.

Route power supply input cable to cooling fan wires near terminal strip TS4. Splice black wire to fan wire ā€œPā€ and red wire to fan wire ā€œNā€.

Put white and black wires with ring terminals under corner screw of Connect Card.

Route the power supply output cable to J6. Disconnect existing plug at J6, and connect new plug in its place.

NOTE: If your CNC does not have Armature Relay installed, (pre 1999) you must insure that front-panel E-Stop is engaged before turning on servos. Armature relay kit is available from the factory: p/n 995-09-001. p/n 995-09-001.

Armature Relay on Legacy CNC
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