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 OmniTurn GT-75 Price List Mar 2023
Des​crip​tion P/N Pri​ce
5hp OmniTurn GT-75 including: flood coolant, pneumatic collet closer, solid-state hard drive, Z axis travel: 9", X axis travel: 12"; 220V 1 or 3 phase. 410​-00​-000 $39,​795
C-Axis OmniTurn GT-75 (spindle positioning). Drill cross-holes, face-holes off-center, and mill complex slots. Resolution: 0.02°. Absolute or relative positioning, with X and/or Z Axis synchronization. 0 - 4000 rpm; 4.5hp; 3-phase only. Including flood coolant, pneumatic collet closer, solid-state hard drive, Z axis travel: 9", X axis travel: 12"; 220V 1 or 3 phase. 470​-00​-000 $43,​095
Network Interface Kit for G3 or G4 CNC[click for more] 990​-39​-100 $2​50
Short cycle spindle drive option for C axis drive 974​-39​-100 $5​00
4° spindle nose (standard) 693​-39​-001 No​Chg
1/2" center height (standard) 692​-19​-001 No​Chg
2" center height option 692​-19​-011 $1,​500
Through the spindle coolant, M-function controlled [click for more] 696​-39​-101 $1,​250
Through the spindle air blast, M-function controlled [click for more] 697​-39​-101 $9​95
Parts conveyor to move parts out of machine [click for more] 499​-39​-100 $2,​750
Parts catcher with removable basket (GT-75 only) [click for more] 491​-39​-100 $1,​000
Parts Diverter Chute [click for more] 893​-39​-100 $8​50
Table-mounted Shaft Unloader [click for more] 792​-39​-100 $1,​050
Vertical Cutoff (VCO) [click for more] 693​-39​-101 $6,​000
M-function controlled outlet: 220VAC 3-phase 1.5HP 994​-29​-005 $3​95
M-function controlled air valve: 0.3Cv (about 14cfm @ 80psi)
Includes auxiliary M-function relay
997​-29​-001 $3​50
M-function controlled outlet for NSK Astro-E 2280 994​-29​-009 $4​95
M-function controlled outlet for NSK Astro-E 3000 994​-29​-013 $4​95
Auxiliary M-function (M25) controlled relay [click for PDF]   No​Chg
M-function controlled relay: three-pole double-throw control relay for up to 10A or ⅓HP 220VAC. Up to four may be installed. 994​-39​-001 $1​25
Additional I/O Interface. Provides a simple, yet versatile, interface between the OmniTurn CNC and robotic or other forms of automation. Installs in spindle drive cabinet. [click for more] 994​-39​-107 $350
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Expanded I/O package, 16 in/14 out, programmable from CNC control. Installs in spindle drive cabinet [click for more] 999​-39​-103 $1,​095
OmniTurn Zip Loader shaft-loader / short auto-loader barfeed. Accommodates bars or parts up to 26" long, 3/16 to 1-1/16 diameter; functions as auto-loader bar-feeder, or as shaft-loader. Different modes allow parts or shafts to be qualified from the face or from the rear, for overall length. [click for more] 791​-39​-100 $10,​500
Hopper for OmniTurn Zip Loader. Adds extra capacity to Zip Loader tray, depending on diameter. Hopper size is 24" wide x 11-3/4" long x 3" deep [click for more] 799​-39​-101 $1,​500
Bolt-down kit for OmniTurn GT-75 or GT-Jr (To secure GT-75 or GT-Jr to floor when aligned with Zip Loader or bar feeder) 691​-39​-001 $1​15
OmniTurn 3" two-jaw chuck, 0.25" stroke, blind, max 5000 rpm. 000​-03​-001 $2,​595
OmniTurn 4" three-jaw chuck, 0.25" stroke, blind 000​-04​-001 $2,​995
OmniTurn 4.5" three-jaw chuck, 0.17" stroke, 1" through hole 000​-02​-001 $3,​495
Installation and startup by OmniTurn technician. Travel & expenses billed at cost   TBD
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